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A thousand miles begins with a single step
Digitization of ancient buildings to protect cultural heritage
Cultural relics and historical sites are precious resources that are non-renewable and non-immortal for human beings, and are a testimony to the development of human civilization. The surveying and mapping of cultural relics and historical sites is not only a method of preserving cultural relics data, but also an effective way to show human civilization. "In May 2019, Honeycomb Aerospace and the Zhangjiakou Cultural Relics Bureau of Hebei Province participated in the ancient building protection project in Zhangjiakou City, using the HC-330 drone to carry out a three-dimensional surveying and mapping project on the ancient building complex of Baozili in Zhangjiakou and the Great Wall at Dajingmen. Digitally preserve cultural relics and historic sites.
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Build a healthy ecological environment
Environmental monitoring constitutes an important part of a healthy ecological environment, and is the most important basic and cutting-edge work of environmental protection. Honeycomb Aerospace participates in the Northeast Nuclear Pollution Air Defense Emergency Monitoring Project, and uses the unmanned + manned operation mode to detect the surrounding environment of the region. , A safe and efficient application mode escorts our environmental safety.
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Focus on Wuhan and fight the "epidemic" together
On February 10, 2020, with the support of the 5G air-to-air network of China Unicom Research Institute and China Unicom's Henan Branch Anyang Branch, the Hive Aerospace Operation Team carried HC-332 drones to surrounding villages and towns for epidemic prevention and control inspections And epidemic prevention publicity and education work, and cooperated with management departments to carry out effective prevention and control work at crossings, communities, public places and other places.
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