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SU-30pro intelligent unmanned airport

New Appearance | Extraordinary Performance

HC-540 VTOL Fixed-Wing UAV

Large-load aviation quality UAV

A New Era of Smart UAV Industry

Long endurance smart inspection airport
Build a real unmanned UAV operation industry

Honeycomb Aerospace Technologies


Honeycomb Aerospace is a professional high-tech company specializing in the independent development, design, production, sales, technical training and after-sales service of unmanned systems and related hardware and software systems. The company has been deeply engaged in the field of unmanned aircraft, accumulated a number of scientific research achievements and related technologies, and gradually formed a series of industrial application UAV, airborne equipment and other products with independent intellectual property rights.

The company's products have been widely used in border and coastal defense, smart security, comprehensive inspection, emergency security, smart city and many other industries.

Product System


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City security
city security

Smart city, smart transportation, public security, border patrol, emergency command

Oil and Gas Pipeline

Pipeline leakage investigation, construction monitoring, emergency command, etc., really help smart to build a smart oil industry.

Environment Monitoring

To be a “weapon” for environmental law enforcement to effectively curb undesirable phenomena.

Nuclear Monitoring

Build a UAV-borne nuclear monitoring system to enable scientific and technological development to a higher safety level.

Program customization
Program customization

Honeycomb Aerospace has rich experience in UAV research and development, providing military scientific research customization, research institute customization and other fields of program customization.

Border coastal defence
Border coastal defence

The UAV can carry high-performance sensors and communication systems to the target sea area for inspection and surveillance, take real-time pictures, store and transmit them to law enforcement ships and ground command centers for relevant departments to command and make decisions. Uav is a new choice to protect maritime facilities, maritime ships and offshore fisheries, and a new sword to combat maritime smuggling and detect illegal activities.


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