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Honeycomb Aerospace adheres to the concept of users first, and treats every user and every service seriously. Honeycomb Aerospace provides you with efficient and satisfactory product maintenance and support services, allowing you to operate efficiently and fly with peace of mind.

Product Repair

Honeycomb Aerospace will provide you with efficient and satisfactory product maintenance and support services

Honeycomb is equipped with professional support service personnel. Each after-sales maintenance service uses original parts, aiming to provide you with efficient and reliable product maintenance support. If necessary, spare parts will also be provided for your use. Honeycomb will take care of each product sold. If the fault is caused by other products purchased separately by the user, the corresponding loss shall be borne by the user.

Insurance Service

Honeycomb will provide you with a one-year UAV insurance service, which includes the includes UAV hull insurance and third party liability insurance in terms of the UAV system. Renewal services will be provided and reinsurance related matters will also be handled after the expiration.

Technical Services

Honeycomb will provide you with efficient and satisfactory product maintenance and support services.

Service Policy

Honeycomb is committed to providing every user with the most timely and high-quality after-sales service. This after-sales service policy applies to any product or service you purchase from Honeycomb.
The products and services sold by Honeycomb will provide free one-year warranty service from the date of final acceptance, or you can purchase extended warranty service.
When a malfunction occurs, you can fill in the after-sales service application form through the official website (hcuav.com)-product maintenance, or contact the corresponding technical personnel for communication. Honeycomb will respond to the failure within 24 hours and provide emergency plans. If necessary, it can provide on-site technical services for free within 48 hours, and provide spare machines or spare parts free of charge.
During the warranty, if the equipment or system fails, Honeycomb will be responsible for investigating the cause of the failure and completing the repair until the acceptance index and performance requirements are met. The after-sales service content and standards during the warranty period include but are not limited to the following:

Technical assistance

Honeycomb promises to provide you with free technical assistance during the warranty period, which includes product warranty, maintenance, repair and training on product use and maintenance.
The methods of technical assistance should include telephone support, e-mail support, document provision, on-site support and other methods for the purpose of solving actual problems.

Real-time response

Honeycomb promises to provide 7×24 technical support services, and when receiving technical support requests, it shall provide customers with consulting services, and provide necessary technical support services for the stable operation of products.
When receiving a fault repair request, Honeycomb will make a clear response and arrangement within 2 hours, provide maintenance services within 12 hours, and make a fault diagnosis report. If customers need on-site service, arrive within 12 hours.。

Regular follow-up

During the warranty period, Honeycomb will conduct on-site inspection services no less than once every 3 months to find and eliminate potential problems or failures in time, so as to ensure the stable operation of the platform.

Maintenance guarantee

During the warranty period, if the repair cycle of the faulty product exceeds 15 working days, Hive Aerospace will provide you with a spare product of the same model or similar performance.
If there is a loss due to maintenance service error or product failure, in addition to the compensation, Honeycomb Aerospace will provide you with a solution.

Spare parts

During the warranty period, Honeycomb will provide free of charge spare parts that meet the project construction, operation, maintenance, management and upgrade requirements of customers.
In the event of equipment failure or damage, while the failed equipment is not repaired, we will provide you with spare parts in time to ensure the normal operation of the project.

Out-of-warranty services

Honeycomb promises to provide maintenance and other services at the original price after a one-year free warranty period for all hardware, and the response speed is the same as that during the warranty period.
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